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My hip yellow board before heading out on the Thames. (at Bell and Crown, Chiswick)

Just found a linguistics experiment prompt we ran: “In the dark was a sound like a twitch and a flutter like wings, and a low savage buzzing.” (at Woolwich Barracks)

Breezy Saturday. (at Homerton)

Just leading my flock of meow meow to #Hackney (at Cat And Mutton Bridge)

You were created by the magicians; return to your dust. (at River Thames - Woolwich Arsenal Pier)

Duck, port, and pomp. (at The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn)

Lemongrass porkchopin’

First foray outside the M25 to do a chunk o’ the Ridgeway trail. We stopped for tea & scones at the village church, and ended with a pint. Proper English hike!

Made cinnamon rolls for brunch!

Wow, I live a block from this ridiculous park! My reading and tanning has found a home. (at Burgess Park)