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You were created by the magicians; return to your dust. (at River Thames - Woolwich Arsenal Pier)

Duck, port, and pomp. (at The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn)

Lemongrass porkchopin’

First foray outside the M25 to do a chunk o’ the Ridgeway trail. We stopped for tea & scones at the village church, and ended with a pint. Proper English hike!

Made cinnamon rolls for brunch!

Wow, I live a block from this ridiculous park! My reading and tanning has found a home. (at Burgess Park)

Man, I’m just big-boned. Kinda how I feel after Indian buffet. (at Wellcome Collection)

So. many. tulips. (at Lisse)

Not quite oranjegekte sunset, but perfect background for surprise orange fireworks.

Tiniest little strawberries as the sunset haze rolls in.